So That They Will Know…

August 4, 2008

                                        That I am the LORD.

A little word study and perspective.  While reading the book of Ezekiel, a phrase kept occurring often enough to catch my interest.  Many times we may question the importance of reading Gods word, especially the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) in light of the fact that they tell basically the same story, slight variations here and there but often almost verbatim.  The comment has been made why focus on all that repetition, here is why.  God in His sovereignty knows our thought and minds (Ezek 11:5) and knows that we often need to hear the truth over and over again for it to sink in.  Thank Him for such a fact, in that in His Mercy he renews our spirit day by day (2Cor 4:16) by the washing and regeneration of his word (Tit3:5)

So in this light, the phrase which pounded in my ears chapter after chapter was “So that they might know that I am the Lord.”  This declaration is His Justification of actions taken in prophecy and in real time in Ezekiel’s life.  It occurs 26 times in this book alone, “so that they will know,” “so that you will know,” “so that Egypt will know,” “so that Israel will know,” “Then they will know,” “thus you will know,” “All nations will know that I am the Lord.”  Every action God declares, points to His soveriegn control and Power in every situation, and is taken to bring Him glory and declare is control and Glory to all who witness.  When one reads what He does in this book, what He did, what He promises to do it is not always clean and pretty.  He is allowing Jerusalem to be brought low, Israel to be torn in two, Egypt to be distroyed, people are dying and Kingdoms are falling all so that WE will know that He is the Lord.

Chapter 37 is our hope, and the ultimate display of God’s mercy and grace, Ezekiel’s vision of a field of bones, God tells Ezekiel to speak to the dry dead bones, Ezekiel obeys and the bones are regenerated, muscle and tendons join and are covered with skin, but the new bodies lack life.  The Command came for the breath of God to come and breathe “on these slain, so that they might live.” (Ezek 37:9)  Upon this command “they lived!” 

We are so reliant on God for life, both physical and spiritual, we can never forget that, “HE has caused us to be born again to a resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” (IPeter1:3)  He is our life-source, and His actions while seldom understood by His creation may now and forevermore be justified so that we might know that “He is the Lord.”

Ezekiel Chpater 37:1-14 (Click on Photo above to link to text)


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