These Men Were Made For Walking…

July 16, 2010


Scripture is first and foremost God’s divine revelation of himself to his creation for the purpose of his greater glory. It is sheer grace that this revelation comes to us in a variety of ways. We see his glory displayed in history, hear his love song of instruction and joy, and foresee his judgment in the revelation of his son. Upon all of these forms we are to meditate and seek instruction. And each one of us from day one is in need of instruction.

At some point, early in our lives, we cease to crawl and begin to walk; and with that new found ability comes freedom; and with that freedom, risk. We will head in every direction until someone pulls us back. We learn how to stand still, and how to sit at the feet of instruction. All the while, we are being taught that there are some places to walk which are good, and some which are not. This instruction can be banal or it can be life saving. Soon we learn that the manner in which we walk matters just as much, if not more, than where we walk.

People are generally defined by two things; First, how they go about life and Second, where they are headed. Both of these realities are addressed with beautiful simplicity and directness in the first chapter of the Book of Psalms.

It is not incidental that this lyrical book of law, love, and lament begins with a testimony of the Law’s validity as a lifestyle. Why should we read on to chapter 2 and following? Why should we meditate on his law? Because we should want to be righteous; we should want to meditate on this law day and night. Our meditations serve as witness that our way, our path and our hearts desire is to be made known by the Lord as righteous.

In an era filled with prosperity seekers who want the fruit without labor; Psalm 1 issues a call to a generation seeking the counsel of the wicked, standing in the lines of the sinners, and sitting in the boardrooms of scoffers. The fact that action is required is no surprise; we must all, in some manner, walk, stand, sit. This is how we’ve been taught from the beginning. The hope firmly planted in Psalm 1 is that we will choose to walk righteously according to the word of the law; and thereby yield fruit and display growth that does not whither or perish. What path are you on? Where are you going? And who are you relying on to get there?

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