A Chorus of Stars, the Songbook of God…

July 17, 2010


If by our fruits we are known and trusted, then how much more can our creator be known and relied upon based upon his revealed work?  Psalm 19 begins with a earnest face, turned toward a cold, dark night’s expanse.  Imagine this epoch of history; there is no electricity, no planes or satellites hurdling through the air, only stars and the faint ephemeral dust of galaxies long past.  The lights of men during this time could be explained and reached; a campfire in the distance could be approached and its maker identified.  But these distant pinpricks of light no man could approach let alone explain; and their maker defied explanation.  Yet these sights in the heavens are only one part of His testimony, proclaiming His glory.  In mute unmoved fixation their voices are heard above and beyond the reach of any earthly choir. (vs.4)  If creation speaks, it speaks of God.  This same God, however, did not rely on the universe alone to proclaim His glory; nor did he rest solely on the bearers of His image in creation.

God provided His word, His law and the very words David used to describe this scene.  Psalm 19 pivots at verse 7, where the inference is made explicit.  What lawmaker could compare in power to the One of which the universe itself proclaims?  Hence His law is perfect, and restores the very souls he created. (vs.7) David nearly runs our of adjectives to describe a law that is: perfect, restorative (7), right, joyous, pure and enlightening (8), clean, enduring forever, true and righteous (9).  And as the old adage goes, if the sky had been parchment and the seas ink he doubtless would have failed to list the virtues of the one who created both sky and sea.

How quickly we turn our gaze to those lights we can explain, the earthly fire builders and their precepts; so easy is it to trust what we can reach and imbibe what we ourselves can make.  David’s prayer was that God would keep him from such presumptions and that the very law he meditated on day and night would become words spoken in chorus with the heavens and “acceptable in Thy sight.”(vs. 14)  Where do you look? What do you see? And do you hear the voice of creation proclaiming the precepts of the King?

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