Night and Day, it is the One…

August 6, 2010

We all want to prosper, we want our plans to succeed. Often we judge a tasks’ importance to us based on how much time we devote both to it and to planning for it. We frequently make time to plan road trips, vacations, business meetings, legal negotiations etc.

But what about our lives?

Whenever Israel headed out to battle, and when they embarked on seizing the Promised Land, God did not instruct them to sharpen their swords,  have multiple planning sessions or consult the latest Janes Defense Weekly (Canaanite edition).

Rather, in Joshua 1:8, God instructed His people that their way would be made prosperous and their plans would succeed if  and only if they did not depart from the ‘Book of the Law.’   They were instructed to meditate on it day and night that they “may be careful to do according to all that is written in it.”

Such instruction and reliance payed off immensely. Two chapters later when the Ark of the Covenant (containing the Word of the Law) approached the Jordan, the waters stood in one heap and dried up, the People crossed and the hearts within the enemies of Israel melted in fear of this Living God. A God who fights not with armies of men, but with the very words which proceed from His mouth.

What a source of power we possess in this living Word. A Word kept, not in an ark of gold but implanted within us; carried not by priests but by every believer with a Bible.

Make time for it and let it become your battle plan. For those who do not know where to begin; below are two links to some various Bible reading plans.

Four from BibleGateway.org

Six from BlueLetterBible.org

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