Speak to the Nations…

April 7, 2011

Our calling and God’s comfort.

Jeremiah 1:1-10

God never gives one a task, without also providing the means to complete the task.  Jeremiah was faced with an immense vocation.  He was called to proclaim truth to a wayward, disinterested, sinful and even hostile generation.  It is telling and should be encouraging that God never fails to raise up the weak to confront the strong.  The pattern in scripture is clear: Abraham was impotent, Moses was inadequate in speech, David was an adulterer, Paul was a murderer, and Timothy was young and inexperienced.  Each man struggled with his calling and in weakness doubted God’s ability and even His wisdom at the outset of their call.  But despite these weaknesses, God was faithful once the work was begun to complete that work manifesting an even greater glory through their weakness.

What comfort this passage conveys through God’s sovereignty on display.  Jeremiah was told that the task to which he was appointed was consecrated long before he was born.  God knew him, knew what he would face, and knew what his limitations would be, and called him anyway.   This passage is a testament to the purposeful grace of God.

Jeremiah protests that he is but a youth, that he does not know how to speak.  Yet with a single word and an outstretched hand God removed his doubt.  “Behold I have put my words into your mouth, see that I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms.”  And like Isaiah before him, Jeremiah was made clean and his mouth was opened.  God chose the man, the mission and the message.  The words in Jeremiah’s mouth were not his own, but were placed there by God; with this knowledge how could he not preach to the nations.

We must realize that each of us in Christ has been formed with a purpose.  We have been given God’s word, it is implanted in us and written on our hearts.  His Word brings the sword, divides families and confronts cities, it “plucks up” and “breaks down.”  But it also “builds” and “plants;” (vs10) it never returns void and if received meekly, it will save souls. (James 1:21)

With the knowledge of my calling, and the message given me, the question pounding in my heart and mind is;  How can I not preach the gospel with confidence?  For even in the face of opposition, God’s words are a comfort, “Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you…” (vs8) It is my prayer that God’s hand, outstretched toward my weak heart, contains more grace than judgment; so that my mouth may be made clean.  So that I too may speak to the nations.

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