A Tale of Two Kingdoms…

April 15, 2011

We are constantly surrounded by problems and concerns.  The news fills our TV’s and computer screens with images and stories of devastation and war, injustice and crime.  In addition to these external concerns we have personal worries that take up our minds.  We worry about our jobs, about being able to provide for our families, the clothes we will wear, the food we will eat.  This worry and anxiety are part of the kingdom of fear, a kingdom of man, whose ruler roams about seeking those whom he can devour.  When we focus on these worries and concentrate on these concerns we find that instead of making them better, we often make them worse.  When we search for solutions in the same source of our fears we rarely find relief.

In the kingdom of man, man is the end all and be all, the solution to the problems, we seek to provide for ourselves, and anticipate every problem.  All too soon, the stress of such self reliance begins to wear on us and we are overcome with anxiety.  Do you every feel this way?

Thankfully God, in His limitless love has shown us that this worldly kingdom is not all there is, there is another kingdom we are to pray for, another kingdom we are to seek.  This is the Kingdom of Faith, the Kingdom of God.  In God’s kingdom, worry subsides and fear is ended as we realize that He knows what we need, and meets our needs daily when we seek His face.  This is His kingdom, and whoever believes in Him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life.  For those who believe, He calls His children, and for His children He will faithfully equip them for every good work.  When we look at the world He has created and see how He cares for His creation, we see that the needs of His smallest creatures are met, birds have food and flowers are adorned in beauty.

When we seek His kingdom, and set our sights on His righteousness, all our needs are met in Him, and our worry subsides.  So how do we seek this Kingdom?  How do we escape the kingdom of fear?  Jesus instructs us to pray for the Father’s Kingdom to come, for His will to be done on earth as it is already done in Heaven.  The Kingdom comes when we seek Him before we seek our needs.  When we seek Him: He meets our needs, we receive forgiveness and give it to others, and we cease our attempts to deliver ourselves.  And the anxiety which once plagued our hearts is replaced by the assurance that “all these things will be added unto [us].”  So we worry not for tomorrow, for tomorrow, with God’s help, will take care of itself.

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