How Fasting Informs our Past, Present and Future…

February 27, 2012


Fasting informs us about our past.

When we undergo a fast, we begin the process of denying our body something that we have always relied upon.  As the meal times pass, and the hours and days go on, we begin to experience hunger.  We soon realize how much we have focused on food/drink/technology (whatever you’re fasting from) in the past.  The countless snacks we used to sneak throughout the day, the large meals we used to enjoy, suddenly draw our attention to the amount of time, energy and money that we spend pursuing our own appetites.  No one can undergo this process without experiencing a little conviction about how much they have loved and sought food in the past; in comparison to how much they loved and sought after God.  Fasting exposes our appetites and makes us aware of past idols we may never have noticed.

Fasting informs us about our Present.

As our fast continues, we experience the weakness of our bodies and the fatigue of our denial.  As it should, fasting makes us turn toward God and rely heavily on Him.  We can no longer rely on food for strength, or the next meal to get us through the day.  We must seek God for the strength to carry on.  This reliance, brought about by fasting, exposes a need that we have everyday, we need God to make it through the day.  Too often this need is deafened under the sound of chewing and crunching and the energy produced by coffee and caffeine.  When we are tired, we drink espresso; when we are fatigued, we eat an energy bar.  Fasting removes all our crutches and forces us to lean on God to accomplish the most menial tasks.  In truth this should be our attitude everyday of our lives, for it is through Him that we live, move and have our being. (Acts 17:28)  This is true every present day, whether we are fasting or not.

Fasting informs us about our future.

As we near then end of our fast, our thoughts are drawn both to God’s work of sustaining power and the promised feast that awaits us.  We look forward to eating once again, and have a new-found appreciation for the gift of food which God provides.  The beauties and fragrances of our favorite foods seem all the more intense and desirable after a period of deprivation.  We have tasted food before, and now we look forward to the time when we shall again feast to the glory of God.  Fasting informs our future, in that it mirrors the intense desire we should have for the future presence of God.  We have had but a taste of Him now, but soon we will see Him face to face, and sit with Him at the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Fasting develops our reliance on God but is also builds anticipation for the time when our fasting shall cease, and our feasting shall begin.


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