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Join in the the Everlasting Song…

July 24, 2010


When we consider all that we speak about in our lives, we soon come to the realization that so little of what we say actually matters.  That is the words we profess, what we extol, what we encourage and obsess about soon passes into memory and we along with them.  There is one form of speech however, that never lacks potency and when spoken in sincerity lasts long after we’re gone, resonating through the generations and echoing to the heavens.  These are the praises offered up to our Maker, Redeemer and Lord.  Psalm 145 lifts up the virtues of such praise and emphasizes the generational importance of speaking of God.

Those who would be content to live out their lives in quiet testimony of observation and action, run the real risk of muting a necessary God-ordained form of communication.  Speech, both written and spoken, is indispensable in transmitting the axioms and remembrances of God to future generations.  The psalmist, in this case David, repeatedly focuses on action matched up with word.  Our chief aim is that we might extol (vs1), bless (vs2), and praise (vs3) by declaring (vs4), speaking (vs6) and calling (18), for the purposes of displaying God’s works to; one another (vs4), to the children of men (vs12), enduring for future generations (vs13).  The very pages in front of me on which this psalm is written stand as a not-so-silent testimony to the endurance of the written and spoken words “speaking of the might of [His] awesome deeds.”

From David’s generation to mine these words bear witness to the eternal everlasting kingdom and His steadfast love.  This psalm is both prophetic and proven to encourage.  It prophesied that His goodness will be proclaimed and it has.  It encourages in that very God who; upholds the fallen and raises the bowed (vs14), opens His hand and satisfies desire (vs16), and comes near to all who call (vs18) is the same God who lives on in His word and in our hearts.

As He has preserved this word to us He promises to preserve “all who love Him.”  That He grants us the privilege in participating in this preservation in writing, speaking and song, is a testament to the depth of His grace and love.  How can we not speak His praise, and what joy we face in knowing that we will bless His holy name forever and ever. (vs27)  By God’s grace may it be so.