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From Whence Cometh our Help…

April 6, 2010

John 15:18-16:15

Christ chose us, He appointed each of us to go and bear fruit.  This is a mission that can be and is fraught with difficulties.  If we abide in Him, as He does in us we will experience the hatred that the world expresses toward him.   What is so glorious is that we serve a Lord and are loved by a God who asks us to abide in His love.

This is a sovereign God who informs us in these passages of John’s gospel that he knows the future and has the future firmly in hand.  So He can simultaneously call us to work and acknowledge that His very call will come with a price and with consequences. (Vs2)  This consequence however will not be faced in isolation.  He who calls, gives an answer to the rejection His “called” must face, this answer comes in the form of a helper.  This Helper (the Spirit) will be from God (vs26) and will quench the sorrow felt by those who mourn the absent savior who has gone on to be with the Father (vs5-7).

The mission we are called to accomplish will be done through the Spirit’s faithful ministry in our lives enabling us to accomplish that which could not do under our own authority.  He will “convict the world of sin, and of righteousness and of judgment.”(8)  While we, from God, seek to offer God service apart from the spirit we end up “killing” his servants and throwing them out of assembly only to learn that “we have not known the Father.”(2-3) However with the Spirit we are led to all truth, and through Him glorify the Father by receiving that which has been given to the Spirit by the Son.  Such help we cannot do without.