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The Beatitudes Part 3: Blessed are the meek…

September 13, 2011

Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for the shall inherit the earth.”

Some Thoughts…

Throughout the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is addressing man’s condition and God’s design on multiple fronts.  The pattern is one beginning deep within the believer and slowly working its way our.  The blessed are those who are first poor in spirit.  Deep within themselves they come before God in abject spiritual poverty.  This spiritual poverty is hidden to the outside world, and known only by those who take stock of themselves in quiet moments of reflection before God.  From this personal assessment comes the state of mourning.  This is a slightly more public act.  You are broken over your sin and so you mourn, and while that can be intimidating you rest in the knowledge that you will be comforted.  After assessing your own spirit and mourning over your own sin you begin to behave differently around others, you act with meekness (gentleness).  Here the pattern becomes clear, inward change leads to outward evidence.


This leads to a change in posture.  Those who are humble enough to realize who they are before God, will behave in a way that reflects this understanding.  They will not be domineering or demanding to others, but instead behave as one who has nothing to boast in but Christ and Him Crucified.  They are meek toward God, obedient in their love for others, and live a life of worship in displaying these traits.  This is modeled for us by Christ in Phil 2:1-11.


We follow this pattern, and assume this posture living in the hope of the future that is promised.  The Kingdom of Heaven, an abundance of comfort, and finally the earth; for those who are poor, broken, and meek this is quite a promise.  And yet it is one fully lived out by our Lord, who embodied the pattern, the posture and the promise.  He who became poor in spirit (Phil 2:1-11), was broken and mourned over our sin, and finally was meek, even praying for those who crucified Him (father forgive them for they know not what they do); He also ushered in the Kingdom of Heaven, was comforted by the spirit and brought comfort to us, and has as His inheritance the Earth and all that is contained with in it.