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The City, a Place Where Wondering Ceases…

June 26, 2011

The city, a place where wondering ceases.  Psalm 107 is a powerful recitation of God’s faithfulness displayed in the shepherding of His nation Israel through the dessert.  The wilderness throughout scripture is a place of testing, punishment and judgment.  Cain is cast into the wilderness east of Eden, punished for spilling his brothers blood.  Israel wanders through the wilderness until God’s righteous judgment is fulfilled, Jesus enters the wilderness led by the Spirit to face temptation and reckon with evil.  Rest for the weary wanderer lies in the cities.

In the Psalms, Israel sings of their land, promised and flowing with provision and blessing.  They were to till fields they had not planted, and to live in cities they had not built.  Psalm 107 tells us of such a story.  God is the great urban planner, who gathered people, “in from the lands, from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south.” (vs. 3)  They wandered through deserts and wasted places, souls faint; bodies dried up and thristy for lack of a city.  But God in His enduring lovingkindness heard their cry and “led them by a straight way til they reached a city to dwell in.” (vs. 7)  The cities of man, built by foreign hands, represented for Israel the promised reward for faithfulness in their wandering.

How many in our cities are still wandering?  Led by God’s unseen hand, drawn to occupy apartments they did not build, resting in the security of the city, but filled with spiritual unrest.  They face an eternity lost to wonder apart from the satisfaction found in God.  May God allow me to preach in such a way that they cry to Him their satisfaction, and are led a straightway to an end of their wandering, through the wilderness of life to the eternal city.  Where the weary soul is satisfied and the hungry soul is filled with Good things.(9)